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Listya is more than just a to-do list. It's a do-everything list.

Listya is a simple tool for simplifying your life. It keeps track of your stuff, so you don't have to. Plus, it's free.

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Why should I choose listya?

Because sometimes simple is better.

Listya was born out of frustration with existing to-do list and project management tools. Tons of features. Hundreds of options. Completely useless.

I don't want to start a workgroup, set milestones, and collaborate on a virtual whiteboard. I don't want to graph my progress, or sync with my iCal, or import my Outlook contacts.

Most of the competing sites out there have spent so much time building out complex features, that they completely overlooked the simple stuff.

Instead of overwhelming you with confusing options, Listya gives you a handful of very basic tools ... that can be used in some very sophiscated ways.

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What can I do with listya?

Life is messy -- it doesn't always fit into neat, pre-defined tools like calendars and contact lists.

Just because you have something to do, doesn't mean it has a due date. Just because you need to remember a phone number, doesn't mean you want to store it in your address book.

Today you need to jot down a grocery list. Tomorrow it's a list of baby names, or Christmas gifts, or ticker symbols of stocks you want to research.

A friend's address. A book title. A restaurant your neighbor recommended.

Listya gives you a single place to store all the information filling up your daily life, in whatever organization makes the most sense for you.

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How does listya work?

Listya is built around the core concept of nested lists: a list within a list within a list. Why is this useful? Consider this:

You need to do your homework. You add it to your to-do list: "Do homework." But when you go to actually do it ... it's not as simple as it sounds.

"Do homework" is really a series of smaller tasks: read Moby Dick, do calculus worksheet, finish science project, etc. And then it drills down even further. "Finish science project" includes reserve lab, rent microscope, prepare slides. And so on.

With Listya, you can easily break down complex projects into a series of small, simple lists. Plus, everything can be moved, tagged and searched, making it easy to manage and organize your ideas.